Marty and Victoria give their take on Secret Santa, Bitcoin, Gigster, and other fun stuff going on this week. There’s the return of the thumbs-up thumbs up segment, and they end on a discussion about career mentorship: what, why, and how.

What Marty’s up to

  • Turning in course grades and crushing dreams
  • Marty’s students, upon receiving a B:
    upon getting a B

What Victoria’s up to

  • Ran the office Secret Santa!
  • Aftermath of publishing my article!

Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down

silicon valley

News Roundup

Discussion: Mentorship

We got a wonderful listener question about mentorship!

  • Is mentorship important?
  • How often do you meet, what do you discuss, who have you picked?
  • Yoda, the ultimate mentor
    sometimes someone needs to say it

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