Marty and Victoria talk about advances in graph theory, the rumored stagnation of Java, the rise of encryption as a political issue, and end with a discussion (part one of many!) on teaching web programming to high school students as an intro to CS.

What Marty’s up to

  • Just finished week 9 of 10 in the quarter! Off for whole week of Thanksgiving.
  • Teaching students about graphs, woo!

What Victoria’s up to

Thumbs-up, thumbs-down

…We actually recorded this but then cut it for time! Released as a bonus track:

News Roundup

Discussion: CSSI and teaching CSS!

Victoria is working on the exercises and curriculum for CSSI, starting with HTML and CSS, currently taught in one day of the bootcamp. Victoria asks Wisened Teacher Marty some questions about teaching HTML and CSS in a bootcamp style.

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