This week, Marty and Victoria introduce a new segment tentatively titled “Thumbs up, Thumbs down”, break down some recent San Francisco propositions affecting AirBnB, discuss the UK Investigatory Powers Bill, and wrap up with a discussion on commenting: good, bad, and why?

What Marty’s up to

What Victoria’s up to

Thumbs-up, thumbs-down

A new segment where we give a “quick” up or down vote to nerdy or tangentially technical phenomenon!

  • Twitter Hearts: One of us is pro, the other is not. Guess who’s who!

News Roundup

Discussion: Comments in code!

  • Semi controversial: search “are comments in code good or bad”
  • Covered in this discussion:
    • Why comments are valuable, even though you should assume they’re never read
    • Why it matters to comment even simple getters and setters
    • When you shouldn’t use comments

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